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In Stars Wars Rebels: Recon, the official video game of the animated Disney TV show Star Wars Rebels, you play the part of a rebel trying to stop the evil plans of the Empire.

Despite what you might expect from Star Wars Rebels: Recon, it's not an endless runner or a tower defense, but rather a platform game in 2D with some aspects of an action game included. Players take the young rebel Ezra Bridger jumping and shooting through different levels that are plagued with danger. Empire Clones, combat drones, and even the powerful final bosses will get in your way.

Between levels, players also can build up the rebel base. You have to to buy different structures and buildings, and even recruit new rebels to join the cause, with every new recruit giving you access to additional content.

Star Wars Rebel: Recon is a platform action game in 2D whose main attraction is the Star Wars license. Unfortunately, despite the game taking up more than one gigabyte on your device's memory, the graphics aren't quite up to scratch.
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Requires at least 1.2 gigabytes of free space on your device


Requires Android 4.0 or higher